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During the day, I’m okay
Light from the sun
Noise of the traffic
All of this blocks the effect of the fireworks
But I can feel them out there

All different shapes and colors illuminate the night sky
Roars from the fireworks breaking down the silence
Every night this happens
Every night they keep me up
Will they ever stop?

All night, I’m counting sheep
Covering my face with the blanket
If they are really bad
Under the pillow my head will go
Nothing works

Passing out from exhaustion just means my dreams will be affected
Nightmares, restlessness
They are always on my mind
Can’t hide from their growl
It’s a constant explosion

Go away
Go away



Welcome to my blog! Here you can find a little of everything. My poetry, conversations about mental illness, movies, books, shows, dungeons and dragons, etc. Another thing that you find here will be some short stories. I have several ideas, just need to write it out for you! I hope you will stay and start a conversation with me! Enjoy!

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