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In a world with billions of people
There I am, constantly in my head
Alone and quiet, I have always been
Scared and shy, I have always been

Hiding behind bright people
Hiding within the darkness
Some will notice but no one ever stays forever

This shell of emptiness
Is it for my protection or
Is it an object of harm?

Expressing my heart
Physically impossible
No one knows the real me
The real broken person
Not even myself

So much has been hidden, buried
Who can discover the truth?
Emotions are evil, they reveal too much
Yet emotions can help

Confusion sneaks in like a regular visitor
Doubt following right behind
Will these voices always be there?
Hope not
They cause the hurt
The hatred



Welcome to my blog! Here you can find a little of everything. My poetry, conversations about mental illness, movies, books, shows, dungeons and dragons, etc. Another thing that you find here will be some short stories. I have several ideas, just need to write it out for you! I hope you will stay and start a conversation with me! Enjoy!

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