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Yesterday’s Adventure

Yesterday was a great day for me for many, many reasons! The main reason was because I went to a pumpkin patch with two of my favorite people ever.  If I haven’t said it before, autumn is my favorite time of the year by a long shot. The changing leaves, everything pumpkin flavored, haunted houses, horror movies, Halloween, etc, etc; all of these things and more make this the best time of the year! So when I went to the pumpkin patch, I was the happiest person ever. From the moment we got there and I saw all the pumpkins everywhere, the smell of the fall flavored donuts, and seeing all of the awesome activities we could do made me even more excited.

We ended up buying the tickets for the zombie hunt and the sinister circus and I felt like a kid in a candy store. Fuck that was so much fun. Getting to shot paint ball guns and “zombies” while riding in a military style vehicle, going through the corn maze in the darkness and clowns and circus psychos jumping out at us! I love all of this stuff. For a bit, it made me miss Arizona because over there, they had this place called The Nest and it was super creepy but absolutely amazing!

Some of the other things we did, we went through the two haunted houses they had there and they were pretty cool although not as scary as I think they could have been. Still fun though! After that we ended up going to an area called Bunnyville with a ton of bunnies just hopping all over the place. My friend was so happy over there; he is a massive animal lover.

The last thing we did before we left for the night was go to a psychic and get a tarot card reading. I think all of that stuff (tarot cards, palm reading, psychics) are real so I was super excited about this. My friend went first and he was pretty okay with his reading and then it was my turn! I don’t remember the exact names of the three cards that came up but I remember what she said. The first card said that there is something about my past that is still affecting me now and its makes my anxiety and stress increase constantly, the second card said that I am trying to work through the issues I had in the past to make for a better future and that I should continue healing. The last card I do remember part of the card name, “The devil,” which that really creeped me out. The psychic said that I am going to be tempted by the devil or well something bad in the near future so to make sure that all of decisions are smart and well thought out. This reading gave me a lot to think about! My childhood was definitely not the best and there were a lot of things that were tough for me to deal with so currently I am trying to figure out what specifically she was referring to and as for the temptation part of it; I have no idea what will happen in the near future but you guys should know I am going to think through every major decision I make for a while now!

The other reason why yesterday was such an amazing day was because one of my favorite groups, Pentatonix (if you don’t know who they are, go to youtube and watch their videos, you can thank me later!) released a new album! What made this album even more special than their past ones is that almost every song in this album is an original whereas in the past it was mostly covers. I have been listening to only these songs since I woke up yesterday! So far, my favorite song from the album is called Cracked. It has such a cool, groovy (couldn’t think of another word to describe it), different sounding song than anything that has come out lately. While listening to all of these incredible songs, I can’t help but be proud of Pentatonix. I have been a fan of their for years ever since to competed and won the Sing Off and I have been watching their videos on youtube since, I believe, like 2011. These 5 extremely talented individuals have done so much and deserve the very best for their careers.



Welcome to my blog! Here you can find a little of everything. My poetry, conversations about mental illness, movies, books, shows, dungeons and dragons, etc. Another thing that you find here will be some short stories. I have several ideas, just need to write it out for you! I hope you will stay and start a conversation with me! Enjoy!

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