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Goodbye is Not Okay

Reconnecting is amazing, reconnecting is terrifying. Its exciting yet awkward. You could be talking to someone you have known for years and yet the friendship seems to be new and starting from scratch. What causes so many friends to part? What causes people to almost forget all of the experiences that were shared together? Is life really so crazy that is causes us to separate from those we called “friends” or even “best friends?” In a world where people can be connected 24/7, how are friendships just disappearing? Staying best friends after years and years is definitely hard, people are constantly changing but those amazing friendships can just become regular friendships. Why completely forget each other? If there is a falling out, okay fine, that’s one thing. If there is nothing like that though why are we erasing each other from our lives?

When growing up, friends never believe they will part and fall out of the friendship zone. Then days, weeks, months, maybe years later, those “friends” will no longer exist. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and realize I’m completely alone and isolated. Where have you all gone? I don’t believe I am asking for much. A simple conversation, opening up a small line of communication can’t be that hard nowadays. When I am reaching out to these people, are they feeling or thinking the same way as me or have they not even bothered to care about our lost friendship at all?

If you were part of this tight group, where is that close group now? I miss them, do they miss me? Where these relationships more important to me than to them? Did I just imagine our closeness and our connection? Did I just care too much? Were these friendships all lies? All of these questions and more consume my thoughts daily. How could they have just become a “facebook friend?” When was liking someone’s post or picture an acceptable why to show someone that you still care and that you two are still friends? If there hasn’t been an conversation between you two in years, there is no friendship anymore.

Have we all become so busy with our lives and posting about our lives on social media sites that the idea of sending a simple, “Hey how have you been? Let’s catch up,” message just too much? Why does it take a serious event to bring up back together? We used to be together all the time. We supported each other and we laughed together all the time. Now we are nothing but facebook friends. I’m sorry but that’s not okay.

Do you ever miss me? Do you ever want to say hi? I know I do. New events and friendships are great and exciting but why does that mean the old ones have to evaporate?

We may never get back to what we had but let’s just be friends again.