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I want peace
That is all I want
Secure and safety
That is all I want

Is that too much to ask for?
Others have that,
Why not me?
I’m a decent person
Or maybe I’m not

I want happiness
That feeling to everyone should feel
I’ll take content
I just don’t want to feel any emptiness
Every second of every day

Peace, secure, safety
All of these and more
I want these in my life
Please someday soon
Let my life change



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It all starts with a hello
What can it hurt?
Say hello to those forgotten
Say hello to those lost
It all starts with a hello

Reconnect with old friends
Remember the good old times,
Those amazing memories
Start planning to make more
It all starts with a hello

You could end up meeting new people,
Finding your soulmate
Discover a new passion
Create new adventures
It all starts with a hello

Such a powerful word
Very scary and intense
But a hello is all you need
It all starts with a hello


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Poem #5

Am I basic?
Am I trying too hard?
Am I fake?

Stereotypes are all around
Expectations are high
Criticism happens

I shouldn’t care
I shouldn’t be phony
I shouldn’t let them change me

I like basic and different things
I like being the best me
I don’t like being fake

Being happy should be okay
Being upset should be okay

Allowing all emotions
But doable

Someday everything will be okay
There will be no more doubt
Only courage


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The Way It Is

The air is running out
Walls are caving in
Constantly holding back tears
Constantly presenting a fake smile

You don’t know me
I don’t know me
Make it change
Maybe it will never change
Who knows?

The darkness comes and goes
Some light comes in randomly
Though it does not last
The constant cold scares me

Enjoy the bright moments
Do not give into the darkness
Darkness, go away
Darkness, fade away


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Terrifying and paralyzing fear
If people could feel this racing heart of mine,
They would believe I was about to get murdered
All I want to do is curl up in a ball and disappear
Hide from my life and hide from my responsibilities

I don’t want to let anyone down
I don’t want to cause problems

Stop acting like a baby, there is nothing to be scared of

Failure, embarrassment, disappointment
That’s what is going to happen
Let me hide away
Let me feel nothing

The world is too much
I’m not strong enough for everything yet
Too much has changed yet not enough

I want to scream and cry
Nothing else
Life is waiting but I’m not ready
No one understands the pressure
The feeling of being forced

I want to run away
Avoid everyone
Avoid everything
The world is too much

I want a light to come in
To warm up my soul
To see a brighter future
It’s my life and it needs happiness

My smiles hides all of these thoughts
My laughter erases any doubt you may have of my emotions
But my eyes reveal everything
Someday things will change
Someday my eyes, smile, and laughter will be connected
Will be true


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During the day, I’m okay
Light from the sun
Noise of the traffic
All of this blocks the effect of the fireworks
But I can feel them out there

All different shapes and colors illuminate the night sky
Roars from the fireworks breaking down the silence
Every night this happens
Every night they keep me up
Will they ever stop?

All night, I’m counting sheep
Covering my face with the blanket
If they are really bad
Under the pillow my head will go
Nothing works

Passing out from exhaustion just means my dreams will be affected
Nightmares, restlessness
They are always on my mind
Can’t hide from their growl
It’s a constant explosion

Go away
Go away